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Tower Gardens Allow Indoor Growing To Flourish

Tower gardens are nothing but a small garden grown in a tower like structure. Depending upon the space availability, these tower gardens can be small or large. In the modern days where more and more people opt for a self grown vegetables and fruits for their needs, this tower garden makes a significant change.

The need for a smaller space and yet providing with larger yield makes the probability of the tower gardens more than any other methods of indoor gardening. Since most tower gardens are soilless and growing in nutrient water, there is also no getting dirt prospect as well. It is also the best method to allow indoor gardening to flourish.

Tower gardens suitable for all plants

Tower gardens are a complete garden with growing anything in them, except the larger plants. Fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants are all suitable for the tower gardens. The hydroponics unit works automatic and makes sure that the plants are nourished well. It also makes the manual labor lesser. With the automated tower gardens, it is also convenient for the grower to be away for a week or longer at a time. No harm will be done on the plants and at the same time there will have a steady flourishing growth as well.  

What are the deciding factors?

A tower garden need to have certain requirements fulfilled in order to allow indoor growing flourishing. The space and size of the tower garden is most important. Not only is the space where the tower garden is placed but also the spacing inside the garden for each plant also relevant.

Since each plant has its growing space having too many plants in a small area will suffocate each other. So space the plants well for a flourishing growth. This will enable the plats to get uniform light, heat and air circulation around.

Mix and match the plants of variety kind for a lovely look. If the motto is just a décor purpose, make sure that you have a variety of plants growing in your tower garden.

As much possible, set the tower garden near to a window to have some amount of natural light and temperature for the plants this will help the plants as well as your pocket by saving some bucks.

Other benefits of tower gardens

  • The tower garden makes an excellent centre piece in any room it is placed. It also provides natural refreshment to the air to make it pure and supplied plenty of oxygen around. In a large room it makes a natural sound nullifier to make a peaceful environment.

  • Since most tower gardens are automated aeroponics or hydroponics systems, it saves much amount of water and makes a cost effective growing method for indoor plants.

  • If the tower garden is place in the patio, it saves much more money by getting the light and heat naturally. Only the water is the real expenditure with some amount for the occasional nutrition for the growing plants.

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