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Yoga Boosts Brain Function

We have heard a lot about the health benefits of practicing yoga regularly. Yoga is said to reduce stress and also all the stretching and bending are considered good workouts and make us healthy and energetic. Now there is evidence to suggest that short bouts of yoga may help to boost the brain function also. The brain actually functions better after doing yoga exercises. Doing just 20 minutes of yoga exercises like the hatha yoga improved the brain functions like the working memory, focus, retention and also the ability to use new information.

Studies prove that Yoga Boosts Brain Function

A lot of research is also going to study the effect of yoga to combat various illnesses. Medical practitioners too have begun to look for alternative methods to reduce symptoms in various illnesses.  Research is going on in various universities to study the impact of yoga on various health issues. Studies were also done to check the effect of yoga on the brain. Two sets of individuals were tested; one set that did regular aerobic or walking exercises and the other set did about 20 minutes of yoga exercises. The tests proved beyond doubt that individuals who did yoga did better on cognitive tasks and had better memory scores and inhibitory control. Yoga exercises were found to enable individuals to process information faster and quicker. While the reason for this could not be ascertained, the improvement is memory is thought to be because of the breathing and meditation techniques which were able to reign in the mind and keep it focused. The reduction in stress and anxiety was able to improve concentration powers.

This does mean that all other exercises have to be abandoned and only yoga done. The researches have only proved that yoga has an edge over other exercises in improving the general health condition and reducing the severity of various illnesses.

Yoga and brain function of the elderly

Tests done on elderly people too proved that yoga played a major role in improving their cognitive powers. The results were recorded after practicing yoga three times a week for eight weeks. The adults tested were generally leading sedentary lives. The most  recommend type of yoga was Hatha Yoga. The research team had also reported that the changes noticed in the improved brain performance were not because of difference in age, gender or other social factors. Hatha yoga has a series of postures or exercises and importance is also given to breathing and meditation. Complete focus is required to perform these exercises and it might be this focused performance that helped improve brain power. The results were from short time studies, but various studies done have all proved conclusive that yoga does help boost brain performance.

Hence it is advisable to start learning yoga and practice it at least for a few minutes every day. The results are there for everyone to see. It is still better to do yoga as we grow older. It will improve the quality of life that we lead.

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