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Most Surprising Risks From Losing Weight

Generally people are concerned about weight and they regularly monitor their body mass index. Maintaining a proper weight proportional to the height is welcome; especially women folks are really crazy about reaching a zero figure and look like super models. But there are some other concerns in losing the weight which may have an adverse effect. Weight loss can also be reason for certain hidden diseases in the human body. Drastic weight loss has to be really administered and given immediate medical attention. Let me share some personal anecdotes.

Case 1: Colon Cancer patient:

My friend’s mother is a very cheerful and obese lady. She cooks very tasty food within a short time and finds immense pleasure in feeding others too. I used to tell her that she can create a recipe book of her special foods and drinks. As my friend has a big farmhouse, her mother use to cook natural and organic vegetables very deliciously and differently. One year before, aunty suddenly lost 13-15 kg within a span of 2-3 months. When asked she proudly claimed this weight loss as her grand success in reducing weight to be followed by others and thus making a benchmark of herself. My friend considered this as an abnormal weight loss and rushed to a hospital wherein a colonoscopy has been done and confirmed the malignancy. She was in the third stage of malignant cancer. It was a shock to everyone. Being a strong lady she withstood the surgery and other therapies and survived.

Case 2: A Pulmonary Tuberculosis patient:

This is a case of a colleague of mine who has been experiencing mild cough which dragged to 2-3 months before confirming as a tuberculosis patient. His intake was very poor during these days and had a notion of a general climatic phenomenon. He consulted a general physician and took medicines for general cough. But the situation prolonged. Unfortunately the doctor or he deviated from monitoring weight. Before this situation he had just signed an insurance policy and for this purpose he had checked his weight. When he consulted the physician again after 2 months of taking general medicines, he had his weight checked. He was crestfallen on knowing that his weight has lessened drastically to 12 kgs. Further, he was diagnosed as a pulmonary tuberculosis patient. Definitely the weight loss in this situation was one of the criteria in diagnosing that he had an abnormal health condition.

Case 3: A Diabetes Mellitus patient:

My friend’s husband was slightly overweight when they got married. My friend was very lean. He was so fond of food and use to have any type of food. Whenever they visit any relative’s house, people there find it very comfortable in feeding him and they loved seeing him eating too. After the first year of marriage, my friend started putting on weight and she started looking good with proper body structure. Her husband also started reducing weight. We used to tease her telling that they are trying to match each other in weight. But as his weight was reducing step-by-step without any diet change or major physical exercise, he consulted a doctor as he had frequent sweating and thirstiness followed by dryness.  On checking the random blood sugar value, the doctor confirmed it as Type 2 Diabetes.

Hey! Beware of weight loss. Any steady weight loss is an abnormality and should be monitored.


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