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Role Of Nasha Mukti Kendra In Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Hello Friends, I am Inderjeet Singh President of Shantiratn Foundation (Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi). I am a recovering addict and I used drugs and alcohol for almost 20 years. So I know the pain of quitting drugs and what happens with the family of a drug addict. It was very difficult for me to quit drugs; my family was totally disturbed due to my drug addiction. Finally I was sent to rehabilitation centre for the treatment and I seriously followed their routine and did the same which was told to me in residential rehabilitation centre in Delhi. Now I am living happily and drug free life with my family.
After indulging into drug addiction and went through rehabilitation treatment, I found my way that I should now help other suffering addicts and alcoholics. So I decided to open my own Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for Alcohol & Drug De addiction to help other suffering addicts and their families as well.
At our Centre we provide the complete safe, secure and confidential treatment to our patients. We provide the rehabilitation treatment with the help of Counselling sessions, Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, Dance Sessions, Family Meetings, Game Therapy and 12 step programs.
Shantiratn Foundation is the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi which is approved by Govt. and provides affordable addiction treatment along with long term recovery. We have maintained the high success rate in the industry because of our experienced team of counsellors, unique treatment methods, Residential facilities & Hygienic Environment.  
Our Treatment Process:-
Our Residential Treatment process starts from the admission of a patient, firstly medical evaluation of the patient is done. We interviewed patient and his family members to understand the medical history of a patient so that we can prepare him/her for the residential treatment.  After that we send the patient for in patient program or residential rehabilitation treatment program which includes Individual Counselling, Group Counselling, Group Activities, Gaming Sessions, and Yoga& Meditation. It helps patient to become self-dependent and to fight against drugs. We also conduct family meetings in a regular interval and we encouraged family members to participate in the treatment program which further help us to understand the strength & Weaknesses of a patient so that we can work towards. 
Our team consists of Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, General Physician & Other clinical staff for a common goal which is long term recovery of each patient.
After finishing the residential rehabilitation treatment program we help patient in transition back to their normal life. We teach patient how to handle the responsibilities and duties of their family members and social behaviour to happily living their life. 


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