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Is A Tattoo Really An Artwork?


Whenever you see someone wearing a tattoo, you won’t be able to resist looking. It’s just natural since most of these tattoos are really eye-catching. Now that they are going mainstream, you will never be able to avoid seeing more of them everywhere.

In fact, in Britain, it is estimated that about a third of Britons have at least one tattoo on their skin. Because it is almost ubiquitous nowadays, some are asking can they really be considered artwork?

You can easily answer that just by looking at the work of a professional tattoo artist in Denver, Colorado. This tattooer has even several websites that proudly display all the tattoos that he has done so far.

The designs of his tattoos include portrait, biotech and many more. But they all have one thing in common: they are exquisitely done, with intricate details, and with realism as one of their main attractive elements. 

In reality, executing a fine artwork is much more difficult if your canvass is the skin of another person. If you make a mistake, you cannot just erase it just as you would do in a real canvass. It is the skin of your customer that you must use to execute the design; therefore, you must be extra careful in crafting it.

That gives tattooing an added element in artwork – that of pain. In other words, it can really claim the definition of artwork more than any other art form. And when you consider that fact that the artwork done on the skin really reflects the realistic feature of the object, you will really wonder how the tattoo artist was able to execute the design as if it is the real thing.

Some of the designs that these artists have done include intricate spider webs, realistic portraits of celebrities, amazing details of motorcycles and muscle cars, and many more. Most of these artworks are done in realistic colors.

Some people are completely into tattoos that they have even decked their whole bodies with colorful and intricate designs. You might think that that’s too much. But these are people who want to express their appreciation of art by displaying them in their most important possession – their bodies.

They firmly believe that tattoos are more than artwork. They are part of their lives, particularly in their skins.

Tattooer Kayden DiGiovanni is the author of this article on tattoo artist. Find more information, about denver colorado here

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