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A Look At Key Features Of Integraph Smart 3D And SmartPlant 3D

Smart™ 3D offers powerful tools to carry out repetitive tasks; implement design standards, and ascertain integrity of design, and design consistency. Intergraph Smart™ 3D 2014 is the latest version. With worksharing, model data reuse, and safety-centric rules, Smart™ 3D can be used for mega-projects. For instance, SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition has features embedded in it which allows designing conveyor systems, processing facilities and expanding facilities. The most important attribute is that it has a simple user friendly interface. Also, its automation feature is easy to use and ensures that productivity is high and design times are less, with reduced rework. The 3D design in Smart™ 3D can be used to create designs of plant, bulk material handling industries, mining, offshore, shipbuilding metals, and other designs.

Some of the unique features of Smart™ 3D are as follows:

  • 3D data can be extracted from various third-party CAD systems along with Smart™ 3D models using 3D interoperability features. Best suited for brownfield and joint-venture projects, Smart™ 3D allows to synchronize and operate with both graphics and data attributes of third-party CAD models.
  • Model Data Reuse (MDR) functionality makes it possible for users to implement front-end engineering design (FEED) or previous designs by tag renaming, reuse, and specification transformation.
  • 64-bit clash identification and programmed drawing creation can be done.
  • SmartPlant Interop Publisher can be merged with Smart™ 3D models to increase supported 3D formats. This renders better 3D ecosystem which is centrally managed.
  • The FEED can be synced with different catalogs and specifications. Orthographic drawings are saved regularly by the software itself.
  • With 3D translation features, a single design framework for engineering contractors is possible whose creation needs Smart™ 3D or PDMS formats.

Distinguishing features of SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling are given below:

  • Creating conveyor belt line layout. With this feature, conveyor belt and its layout in a 3D environment along with belt line equipment which includes pulleys, idlers, gantries, scrapers and conveyor drives can be designed.
  • Transfer Chute Design for detailed layout related to manufacturing.
  • Allows performing 3D navigation on the biggest models with significant performance.
  • “Model Data Reuse Wizard” makes design reuse possible by allowing users to copy systems and the objects and use it in a new destination. Thus, 3D model data can be copied and incorporated as per the requirements.
  • Provides the facility to automate design process and integrate new changes without the need for   3rd party software.

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