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Animate Up Your Tea Breaks With Magic Mugs From Giftways

Online gifting is a widely spreading trade wherein people get the liberty to select, buy and send gifts online to their friends and family members. Nowadays, you will find a number of online gift stores that make various gifts available for you to choose from, customize and send directly to the recipient, thus reducing the labor, cost and hassles involved in travelling and selecting the gifts manually. One such online store is Giftways where the choice of gifts never come to an end you have the opportunity to design your own custom gifts; and no, you do not need to be a designer for that!

One of the bestsellers among the online gifts here are magic mugs. On the site, you will get to customize varieties of mugs like photo magic mug, desktop magic mug and also shop white mugs. When it comes to ordering personalized photo magic mugs, there is no better option than Giftways where we have an array of magic mugs for you. You can personalize your own photo magic mug, animal handle mugs for kids, black white patch mugs, etc. with the images and messages you like. From surprising someone to getting a peek of your sweetheart right when you want to are the major functions of the magic mugs we have in store for you. You can see a number of color options and designs to check which one goes best with your picture, message, mood or occasion.

The magic mugs are made up of special materials that light up only when you pour a hot drink into them. When they are cold, they would just look like plain old mugs that have nothing to do with your style and taste, but once heated, they show up their true colors and are ready to enhance your mood by showing you a glimpse of your loved ones.

You can personalize a magic mug for any event as a birthday, marriage anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, or even any of the festive occasions. They suit any purpose just fine. While it is a great gift to present to your beloved, it will never cease to amaze the kids as well. You can select from various magic mugs made especially for kids that have animal handles fitted and themes that kids would love. We are sure nothing can light up their eyes as a magic mug would do. As for your beloved, there is always a mug with heart shaped handle; just put in your picture and show your feeling of love via it. Finally, the self-obsessed fellas would not feel left out here as it is also a great idea to get your own picture on your magic mug, let me get mine first!

Check out for a series of exclusive designs and types of magic mugs online and also various other gift items that we have for you. Customize in minutes and order online now. We deliver to all major parts of the country.

Abhishek Upadhyay is a content Writer with the emerging online gifting services provider company Printneeds, the sister organization of Giftways. While the company is located in Hyderabad, they provide delivery all over India, so feel free to visit their website and order customized gift items for yourself and your dear ones. For the detailed bio and more blog posts from the author, you can log on to Peace out!

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