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The 10 Commandments Of Natural Weight Loss

Did you know that more than 68% of adults are obese? Obesity is a health condition that occurs at some point of a person's lives. If you are one of those who are dealing with gaining weight, then here are 10 commandments that may work for you.

However, note that not all bodies are equal. So what works for you might not go well with another. That's okay though. The key is to do the best of your strength to maintain a healthy weight – after all, no one knows your body more than you.

1. Lemon and warm water

The ol' trick of combining lemon and warm water in the morning still works in promoting proper weight loss. Boil half a glass of water, squeeze half a lamon and have it first thing in the morning. You will awaken the digestive system and create an alkaline climate for easy digestion. It also adds a positive spin to your mood and keeps you fresh and crisp.

2. Protein for breakfast

Breakfast is the important meal of the day. Never skip breakfast. Many people that cutting down breakfast is the way for weight loss. This is as frivolous as it sounds and you will end up eating more than you skip by the end of the day. Worst part is you are putting your bodily functions in a lot of pressure that can lead to other health risks. For breakfast make sure you are consuming a portion of protein that is vital to keep you running for the day. 

Protein gets absorbed and digested at a slower pace which is why it is vital to have it at breakfast as it will leave you fuller and keep you away from mid day snacks. It will also stabilize the blood sugar levels thereby inhibiting the body from burning glucose rather than fat.

3. Eat regularly

It is best to eat five times a day (though what you eat does count). Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. This will speed up the metabolic rate and help the body to burn more fat at a rapid rate.

4. Density matters

Make it a point to practice portion eating. For instance, every meal must include 1/4 protein, 1/4 carb (1/2 cup of brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa etc.) and 1/2 veggies (exception for breakfast). However it is better advised to skip carb foods before dinner since you need less energy at nighttime.

5. Eat more to lose weight

The key to lose weight is by incorporating healthy amount of vegetables and fruits. Salads or lightly steamed or slow baked at low heat are gentle on the digestive system and work excellently in keeping you fit. Avoid having fruits after a meal or if you are on full stomach to prevent fermentation in your tummy. Fruit can be best enjoyed on an empty stomach which is why many people go with fruits at breakfast time.

6. Drink water for better health

This is a must do. Our body is made up of 60% water which is why it is important to keep oneself hydrated at all times. Water helps the body to flush out unwanted toxins and is a cleansing tonic that is available for free. Make sure to drink 2-3 litres of water everyday.

7. No baked goods or processed foods

Next time you take a spin at the cookie counter, read the label. These baked goods and processed foods not only add calories on your body but will also mess up with the insulin levels. They come with high trans fat that are detrimental to your body in more than one way. If you want to lose weight in the right way, stay away from aritifical sweetners, white bread, white rice, beverages, chocolate bars etc.

8. Cut down on alcohol

Many people find it difficult to say not to alcohol and before they know its an habit that adds below the waistline. For proper weight loss, save alcohol for occasions and limit the intake. Alcohol is quite difficult to digest which puts pressure on the liver to slog more. The result is liver asks for more energy leaving you with more hunger than before. Since liver is a vital detoxifying organ make sure you go gentle on it for optimum performance.

9. Exercise for your body

From jogging to walking or yoga to cardio any workout will only benefit in balancing your weight. Take at least 30-60 minutes everyday to spend time with yourself.

10. A Good Sleep

Sleep is important for all living beings on Earth. Get rid of unwanted stress and try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. Your vital organs and body need rest too which is basically a time to heal itself. Sleep also regulates the hormonal functions that control the appetite.

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