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How Do They Work Steam Turbines?

When they're not full of knowledges and you know what it's steam turbine and it´s used as an energy source in larger areas, it is not entirely unknown to his office. Thus, how the device works. However, we went more in depth and describes the elements of steam turbíny.Hlavní energy source is rotary vane machines (heat engines), where the steam flows through the blade passages, expands and transfers its energy to the rotor. In doing so, variations in thermal energy of the steam into kinetic energy, which is transferred as torque on the turbine shaft. The turbines can be divided by degrees to single stage and multistage. Furthermore, how then divided by the conversion of pressure energy into it:

a) impulse turbine:

- For impulse turbine impeller rotates in space with constant pressure (applied in the high pressure steam). Radial and axial clearance between the rotor blades can be quite large - not increased losses.

With this expansion of the steam turbine takes place only in the distributor device. Pressure drops are rapidly growing and steam velocity in the wheel pressure remains constant. This condition is ensured by the shape of rhomboids channel in which the flow cross-section must be constant. When steam flow channel is unchanged relative speed W1 = W2 and according to the law of conservation of energy remains constant pressure. Absolute speed C1 is declining.

b) turbines:

Turbines before the impeller is greater than the pressure behind (applied at low pressure steam).

The impeller works with a certain overpressure and corresponding clearance must be as small as possible, otherwise excessively increase the pressure loss.

In this turbine the pressure decreases in the distributor device and the impeller. In the middle of blades are impeller channels are arranged so that the relative speed W2 = W1 grow ie. Pressure decreases. In the middle of blades cross-section of the channel narrows. For turbines the distribution device consists of a fixed blade rim, whose flow channels mezilopatkové become larger, so that even in the distributor wheel speed increases and the pressure decreases.

c) combined:

combination of real turbines, especially for large turbines.


Regulation in the turbine

Performance steam turbine can be controlled by changing one of the variables that matter Performance:

-Flow rate Amount

-Measure Energy

-Total Efficiency


a) –Regulation of resizing specific energy:

Regulation of discharge of steam-wasteful because of the devaluation of steam.


b) -Regulation of varying the mass flow of steam (quantitative regulation):

It is used in all larger turbines. Control valves, which are located in several sections, there is a gradual opening and closing of the lightening.

Other parts of the steam turbine

Moving blades:

-Made of cylindrical sections, or milled from a solid material. Short blades must have constant angles β1 and β2 and constant profile shape. For large angles of the blades varies with the length of the blade.


Distribution mechanism

a) a segment with jets - a part (partial) spray.

b) formed by a two-piece guide wheel - use in total (complete) spray.

Turbine casing:

  • horizontally divided connected pretensioned bolts.


-mostly labyrinth seals

a) the outer - output shaft

b) internal - separates the individual pressure stages


-only plain bearings. Circulation lubrication pressure.


-meso turbine and generator. Fixed disc clutch, gear etc.


Energy whitch produced steam trubines is usefull in everyday life and its a future of making energy in the world energy industring., producer of micro and steam turbines

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